Brand|| My Favorite Lip Brands

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Greetings everyone!!!! Greetings ladies. Guess y’all been doing great. Hope you had a lovely week.

Every girl has that one item from her makeup purse that she simply  cannot do without; mine is the lipstick and kajal because believe it or not, these two items do more of the tranformation for me. The rest are just bonuses and a little more. Lipsticks or lip beauties have a way of making me look “completely” dressed and ready to go without looking extravagant most especially if its one of those “make up for what?” days

 Today’s post is one i’m most excited to share because often times I get questions about my lipsticks and I havent really answered those question satisfactorilly because I suck at giving details so I hope this post does enough justice. I’d be sharing with you guys few of my favorite lipstick brand and why I love them. Shall we begin??


These lippie came in three(cant remember the name of the last one cos it was snatched from me but it was peachy pink in color) and was gifted to me by my bestie about a year ago(explains why its almost finished). Ever since I received them, I have loved them so dearly especially the red/rougur one. It is matte which means it last for as long as you need it to. I remember a time I couldnt find it; I searched every store for it until I  found it in one of my bags. The packaging was really cool and the feel of this lipstick is just wow. Mom even begged me to give her i’m not even joking.


When this brand came out,  I wasnt feeling the shades I saw initially but then The true brown stole my heart. It is that kind of matte lipstick that you wear but doesnt look like youre wearing a lipstick(for girls of my color) and that is magical because malanin dripping girls like myself find it extremely difficult to find the right shade of nude lipstick up until recently. My fave part of this lippie is that it has its own lip liner which is pretty amazing right?. 


Being one of the most used matte lipstick, a girl has to have it to make up her makeup essential. I was on a journey of finding the right shade of nude lipstick that I bought about five different shades of this brand and it never came out perfect for me as it did for ligher skinned girl as well as in tutorials that I  watched. When i got this shade, I legit didnt know what I was thinking because yes.. the shade is way to shouty and loud for a girl of my skin color so I thought of a way to wear it rather than give it out. Each time I wear this lip, I use a brown liner to outline the edges of lip and then I apply very little amount of the matte lipstick and blend. The after result is impressive isnt it?


I doubt this brand is a very popular one but what do I know? Nevertheless, I love this lip gloss. Its more of it than any other lippie I like. This gloss isnt soo sticky like other gloss plus it has a way of adding volume to my lips just for days that I like to keep it glossy.

Thats it guys!!! few of my favorite lip brand. Although I’d like to own mac,colorpop and one of the fenty beauties but….*searches pocket and purse* lets just be using all these one first(lol). Until next time, try out that lip color you have been shying away from. It won’t hurt. Have a great weekend.

What are your favourite lip brand(s) and why?? Lets have a conversarion!!! Drop comments below. Cheers!!!

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