I fear the lights and how bright it shines
I fear its brightness may pay me the wrong price

Yet I am more afraid of not having a light

 I fear stagnancy 

Because of my fear for what is outside

Yet I am scared of not having my own path
I am scared of change

And I am scared of pain 

Yet I fear what I may never know

I am scared to start

And I am scared to continue

But I am must more afraid to fail
I fear attempts 

Because it may be a mistake 

But I am more scared of what I may never learn

I am scared of today

Because of my folks yesterday 

But I fear my tomorrow 

Because my yesterday left without a notice

I am scared of becoming

Yet I fear not becoming 

I am so worried about the upcoming
I fear what is wrong

Sometimes even what is right

I fear a life without meaning

I fear everything
What do you fear???

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