Fashion》My 2017 Fashion Favourites 

Disclaimer!! Pictures aren’t mine. 

Hi guys!!!! Happy New Year.

I know… I know😩. Before you call me unserious let me sincerely apologise for being absent again. I have no efficient blogging tool so it makes my being available here close to impossible. 

Well I trust you have been well and hopeful that you have kick started your 2018. There’s so much greatness to achieve this year you know. 

Before it gets too late, I will love to share with you few of my favourite fashion trends from 2017 that I brought with me to 2018. I hope you have some of yours as well.

It’s obvious that fashion made a tremendous statement last year with few of the amazing pieces that were in vogue and I couldn’t keep my eyes (and sometimes my  pockets) to myself. I just couldn’t not have a post about this topic. 

Some of my favourite few are;

Curt Kobain Glasses and Eye wears 


 I know alot of fashion enthusiasts that are not a fan of this item and I also know tons of them who loves. I’m not following the crowd on this one,  I just like the simplicity and flamboyancy of the piece. Catch me in a lot of bold fashion statements this year; most especially eye wears.



Instagram- @itsmaryamsalam

I remember back in school where you literally had to have a barret on to look complete. I didnt have the liberty to have one cos Muslims put on the hijab in my school but I always admired how those who had the chance to wear one and sometimes I wondered why some students get reprimanded due to not having theirs on like I will never pull that stuff off if I had one!!!. It’s like a crown!!!. So when this trend resurrected, be sure I wasn’t going to not be part of the wagon. I haven’t really gone shopping which is the reason I haven’t had and styled mine yet but whether or not the trend disappears this year, it sure isn’t going nowhere for me. 

Instagram- @nabilakhariem


Mules/oversized slides

If this isn’t comfort, I dont know. Though I got discouraged for liking mules, it’s not stopping me from getting my hands on one once I can afford them. I mean, it’s a recycled legend to me and the oversized slides makes me feel closer to Rihanna more(lol) anything with furs basically.

Freyed/Hem Jeans

Do you have that one old but favourite jeans you’re tired styling the same way over? Just Frey up the edges. That’s all it takes you to be the coolest kid on the block. Do it and thank me later.( I can’t wait to style and show you guys mine)

Mom Jeans

I’m not dropping this trend in 2017. No. I haven’t had enough just yet. 

Large/Tote bags

 I really use to dislike bags but since I’m doing so well at being a girl, I must have a bag innit? But once I lay my hands on a genuine large bag or some totes with dope imprints that I can dump all my essentials, then I’m ready to….. no. I’m not ditching. It will just become a fave. These bags stay in 2018.

Crinkle and Cotton Hijabs

Boy oh boy!!! They look like goodness. Thanks to a good friend of mine,  I escaped 2017 with one and I am sooo getting more this year.

(You can get these beautiful crinckled and cotton scarves HouseofThia).


Every girls bestie. This trend has been alive for a while now so I’m certain it’s not going anywhere this year. Welldone guys!

There you have it guys!!! Some of the trends I ain’t leaving behind in 2017. I want to say thank you for making 2017 amazing.  Let’s do this in 2018. 


What are those trends  you are coming with to 2018? 

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