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Hi guys!!!

Trust you have been well? Awesome!!! Who else is already tired of January?๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

 I have been putting my brain and body to alot of use lately and I tell you it’s been a fantastic experience.  Hoping for January to come to an end so I get to share with you all I have been up to. 

Since that’s not happening soon, on today’s post I will be sharing some of the blogs I admire and how these blogs have helped build me and my blog.

Let’s begin…

Maryam Salam of

Every blogger in Nigeria should be familiar with this website. They are like the “google” of every bloggers. I try not to be every where, read every blogposts so as not to counter the ideas I’ve got and get confused and thebloggerpoint has made that choice a great one. It has been a guide for me ever since I started blogging. There are tips, guides, inspiration and Know-how’s to the (blog) area and also self development.  The Blogger Point has been of tremendous help.  You can attest to that if you’ve been with them. I will advise every newbie blogger to follow this website.

Kuyet Bamai of

Mans like Kuyet!!! My blog mentor (even though he refuses the title) and king of fedora hat๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ. Let me also put it out for those who aren’t aware, Kuyet and I finished from the same University(A.B.U Zaria) as well as the same department(Mass Communication) but he finished a year before me. Kuyet was one major inspiration for me. Seeing how he creates more from less was so beautiful and how he does it differently just pushed me a little further to creating a niche as well. 

One male blogger I encourage my male friends to read and follow because his style is simple, affordable and sophisticated. He makes style look so admirable and I literally look forward to a collab soon. Yeah he gave me some consultation and took the pictures on THIS post. Thank you!!! 

Sekinat Sanni of

One of the very first blogs I followed her newsletters is this blog. I get so excited when I receive an email fron this blog.

The blog does its thing differently, giving us insights on all feilds of life and how to become better in every thing we set to do while slaying in gorgeous outfits. Very motivating and inspirational content. The writing technique is one I am so envious of. Such an intelligent lady. Her blog has helped with my personal growth and I hope to tell her that her smile brightens my mood. Keep up the amazing work Sekinat. I’m sure you’ve heard that a thousand times so let’s make mine the thousand and one *lol*

Demi Akin of

I call her the DIY queen. Great at turning unuseable items into useful and gorgeous pieces. Her blog has given me soooo many ideas on recreating. I save more with her tricks and I tell you she is a jack of all trade.  From hacking Lipstick pallette to turning a dress to a jumpsuit within few minutes has me tripping.  I cannot read blogs and not read hers. It’s a compulsory something for me. 

Ifeoma Amadi of

Her consistency in blogging has me hooked to her blog. Her curated instagram feed had me jealous one time that I tried all I could to create a feed as neat and organised as hers but I gave up eventually and most importantly, a fashionista on a budget. I have been an ardent reader and follower of hers and I am sure alot of bloggers in Nigeria is aswell. She keeps it going whether on the blog or her instagram and insta story. I have seen her go from to drapedinbasics and I honestly admire how she writes and  interact with her readers. So conversational and interesting. I hope one day I get to be as consistent as she is because I love blogging just as much. She rocks every pieces so differently and that’s all I am about DIFFERENCE.Did I mention she is a flat lay goddess?? My God!!!!!

Unfortunately I cannot mention all the bloggers I look up to and that’s because every day I notice someone new so the train never gets full. From me to all the bloggers out there,  Keep up the good work. I love you all.
Until I am back, share with me your favourite bloggers and why I should check them out. I promise I’ll check them. See you soon and stay productive.


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