Let’s Talk》How To Attain Excellence.

Every one has that outstanding feature. The characteristics that sets you apart from everyone else. I’ve been an intern for a month plus and the most used word by my boss is excellence and consistency. The way she speaks about it just hit me hence the reason for this post. I wanna share with you guys the true essence of excellence and ways to attain it.

We complain about things not going as planned but how many times have we sat to think about what the issue is. Have we put enough effort into making these things better? Have we exhausted all options? Think thoroughly before answering that. 

There is a part of me that breaks to pieces over and over again when I see a Nigerian complain about being jobless and I do my part to ask how much effort this person have put before giving up. We don’t want to do too much because we “feel” or worse “assume” that someone somewhere sees us as “oversabi”(being too forward) or selfish. Let me tell you dear readers that there is absolutely nothing wrong in wanting to be the best at what you do. It doesn’t matter the impression you give to others which I consider as lazy people, All that matters is the result(s)/ reward that awaits your hardwork. So, don’t stop. Keep the work going. And don’t just read this and toss it somewhere, get the heck up and PUT MORE EFFORT!!! Be practical is basically the message right here.

Also, the issue is how to work on it and stay outstanding. This post is a boost and step or rules to follow to continue being doing and staying great at what you do.
So far, with the little experience I have gathered, here are few steps you sure need to take to be more excellent in your hustle.


Have a passion for what you do. Do what you love.  No matter how cliche or silly you think your skill is, just do it. Keep doing it. As long as it satisfies your soul and brings smile to your face. Its a more honourable way to earn and be successful. What you hate doing will only put you in a more depressed state. When you do what you love, you tend to contribute immeasurably and immensely and you become better thereby leading to excellence. 

Be patient. Rome was not built in a day (and neither were you) just keep pushing until the baby pops out(pun intended) nobody said the road is smooth. Just continue. And it’s fine to feel discouraged and embarrassed and angry and exhausted to the point of wanting to give it all up or probably start over as the case may be,that’s what makes the story worth telling eventually. 

Be consistent. Stay on your game. To attain excellnce you need to do, and do more. The more you put into it, the better your chances are of getting better and the more experienced you will become. Consistency is only attainable when you have a great passion or desire so put that in mind too.

Set goals and follow them. I will advise you write down your goals and just go through them once in a while. Set goals for yourself and follow these set goals. If you want to get things done put it into writing and give yourself deadline to reach those goals. Try before you say it didn’t work. Don’t be a lazy man.  You want a story, make it an interesting one.

I’m hoping that I have been able to speak sense to someone who is really in need of some uplifting. Let’s make the most of every moment before we can’t anymore.

Tell me if you enjoy this segment and if you’ll love to see more of posts like this. I’ll love more than anything to share some of my thoughts so we could grow together. 

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