Her face brightens your day.

Her lips spits knowledge and wisdom.

Her eyes!!!.so warm and welcoming.

Her ears are your best confidant.

Her steps are constructed in feline sways.

Her smile is a home in your heart.

Her words are like pebbles on air
She has the energy enough to shake the world,

She has no idea who she can be.

She has power buried within the deepness of her,

She has no idea what she can do.

She has more than money can buy

She has no idea who she should be 
She is peace as defined 

But can be a handful many a time

She is beauty as deserved 

But can be brutal even at that 

She is value never been bought

Yet a jewel deserved to be owned

She is cover on a rainy day

And shade on a sunny day
I like this woman

Full of pain and sweetness 

Structured in an amazing figure and wittiness

Mixed in a jar of sweet and sour

I like this woman 

Uclogged to the areas she should reach

And passionate about her own and people.
I like this woman

I love this woman

I am this woman.
Rahinat Al-Hassan.
Happy International Women’s Day.


  1. Full of pain and sweetness ….
    ” every woman is sweet she just hides her nectar, it sometimes takes pain to find it like you have to find gold ”

    She has no idea what she can do…..
    ” a woman has full idea of what she is capable off , she just might not be fully realized at that moment, after all the hips don’t lie ”

    She has no idea who she should be…..
    ” who a woman is, she knows from the cradle, the full cycle , the only link, the companion, the salt, the catalyst, the gem, it can go on, it’s just that she eludes and wants you to find that out and value it when you find her”

    But can be a handful many a time…
    ” handful .. Hmmm only when you don’t handle her right then she will give you a full hand”

    But can be brutal even at that…
    ” i don’t know that woman , brutality ? maybe you mean she can give it back to you 10 folds !, You get what you give to her in multiples, give it to her nicely and she will respond to you at the ozone’s ”

    Full of pain and sweetness…
    ” every woman is a seed, you can’t tell until you add water and she grows , a strong woman knows no pain, a wonderful woman will give you sweet nectar, sweet fragrance and petal of rose but be careful of her tongs

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      1. uwc, you stand out in every way, i am only trying to ride on the wave of your ingenuity, though not for fame but to paint the colors into your rainbow world.


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