If I could be air,

I’ll pass through a heart as heavy 

Give it serenity

And place some ounce of hope

Not minding how much it blows. 

If I could be a tree,

I will protect you from the harshness 

And the heat that comes with it

Not minding who needs the sun.

If I could be the sun,

I will shine to give you sparks

And sprinkle an aura that travels with sunlight 

Not minding who gets shrunk.

If I could be the wind,

I will blow you some peace of mind

And alot of happiness 

Not minding who gets snatched by this.

If I could be a sea,

I will wave you decisions 

The kind with distinctions 

Even if it’s rythm isn’t matching others.

If I could be water,

I will choose to be ice

To sooth your thirst

And calm your nerves

Because I see how boiling it is inside of you 

Not minding how warmth could be a necessity.

If I was a picture, 

I will capture the best memories 

And leave it to play continuously 

Not minding who gets tired of the sight.

If I could be me,

I will live my best life

With the little I don’t have

And I will be sure to give

From that little I have

Not minding who gets an irk.

If wishes were horses,

It would have lost its legs.

2 thoughts on “POETRY 》IF…

  1. if .. if .. if … if only you can be a wife….. you will be the complete half the life of some ones world
    if.. if.. if… you can be a mother you will be everything to the world…. as motherhood is the real humanity
    motherhood is the real world we all live in and this will complete your if Rayh….
    your poutery points to Mother…MotherNature
    motherhood is your if pointing to, cos mothers want to be everything, and they are the once that use the phrase ” if I…” alot

    weldone Rayh

    Liked by 1 person

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