Facts About Me You Probably Didn’t Know.

Let me give you a quick gist. Few days ago, I was having a conversation with a fellow commuter in a bus and she said something to herself that I found interesting which led to subsequent conversations.  She was on the phone with her husband and she goes “how won’t you know I iron my clothes from the back?” And when she hung up, she murmured in a way as though to hear my opinion about the phone call she rightly assumed I was listening to. Then she added “years of marriage and he never realized that.


There are certainly some facts others may never get to know about us and that we may never get to find out ourselves because we find out new things about ourselves each day even if it’s the least of detail.


This however was the reason I thought to share with you few facts about me you would never have guessed right.

  • I don’t want a big wedding. i am even nervous at the thought.
  • I have a fear for pedestrian bridges. I am always feeling like it will… never mind.
  • Never left Nigeria.
  • Got a great singing voice. I might have mentioned that before.


  • I don’t like cooking.
  • I love my company.  I’m more creative in my zone.
  • Pizzas are overratedIMG_20180416_155228_856
  • I have a healthy but short natural hair
  • I’m not as confident as I look. It’s a lot of work.
  • I try to avoid eye contacts
  • I recollect a smell faster than I remember a face

I bet you have your mouth wide open from surprise as to the things you usually guess  about me. So,next time you see me or get to meet me, just have these in mind just to spark up a conversation. *lol*


Can you tell from my t-shirt that I am fan of Kendrick Lamar as well?




mom jeans-Thrifted



What is that one thing about you think people are unaware of?. Please drop me a comment, like this post and don’t forget to share also. I will  be back quicker than usual with a lot more to spice up this place.

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6 thoughts on “Facts About Me You Probably Didn’t Know.

  1. *My Face is mostly the direct oposite of my open mindedness,easy to talk to and jolly Nature.
    *I love soul music
    *I’m in love with someone who has never seen the movie titanic.
    * I’m younger than you would guess.
    *I drive with my shoes off.😂
    * I have never seen the ocean or the sea before .Hmm i kinda did but from a distance and was at night.

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