Rayhz Rants》The Sad Truth About Codeine Abuse And Northern Women.


Recently of course there has been a rising increase of drug abuse and addiction especially codeine syrups in the northern part of Nigeria and I was more than shocked when my research confirmed word on the streets that women, both married and unmarried are mostly the ones divulging in this act.

If you know me, its no news that I am very big on issues concerning women and best believe was perplexed and for a moment thoughts of reasons why they would do such a thing filled me.

Well here is what I think…

Depression has led these women into seeking solace in a drug as deadly as this. because the holy book specifically states that we all (Muslims)should stay away from intoxicants, narcotics and anti depressants which has side effects like nausea and euphoria becomes an option because to them, these are not intoxicants.

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What do we expect in a society where young girls are forced into marriages all for the money? We just believe that every young person doesn’t have anything to be bothered about therefore neglecting their feelings and then depression sets in which leaves taking this drug in high dosage as the only option especially when their troubles are pushed aside and tagged as unimportant by the same people meant to care for them. It really takes nothing for the society to be there for people in such a situation.

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Women all around face the Culture of silence. Especially in northern Nigeria. Its enough that a woman has to keep quiet when raped because of the stigma that follows when she speaks up (thank God for certain organisation doing so much to change this narrative), its also another thing when she has to swallow almost all of the wrongs just for the sake of a marriage that is slowly dragging her to the limit. If these women are allowed to speak about the things troubling them, I believe they will feel a lot better which means running to a drug will not be in the picture.

I have seen, read and heard where married women lament bitterly to their loved ones and instead of finding solutions, they are even reprimanded and blamed. No form of action is taken. Instead, they pump them with more dose of patience and they keep being pumped with until frustration and depression set in until they find solace in drugs.

Apart from the infamous peer pressure that we like to put everything on, verbal abuse can make these women find a friend in drugs. Speaking to a woman like an object you purchased at the market is a bitter truth reoccurring in the northern part of Nigeria. Simply because she is your property doesn’t make her any less of a human. These are mothers to your child.

What trait will she leave for her child?Why should she be rebuked for complaining?
Why should she close her eyes and act numb to the pain all in the name of marriage?
Why should she be made to marry forcefully in this time and age?
Why should she be raped all in the name of performing wifely duties?
Until these questions have been answered and sorted, banning codeine won’t do.

3 thoughts on “Rayhz Rants》The Sad Truth About Codeine Abuse And Northern Women.

  1. Let me say that one simple way to get them out of this is to give them an hero to look up to.
    Naturally the northern culture and tradition flourished with legends and legendary tales, unfortunately that is all gone.
    You need to give them an hero , an icon of hope to be created out of leadership collectively by the society.
    This person will turn their face in one night towards the light.
    The northern culture is still supreme in the country Nigeria and you have been liberated by the media.
    Don’t wait on the foot part of a stereotype that you are not free.
    Let me prove it to you
    1. The largest number of socially engaged women have the largest population from the north
    2. I have more northern ladies with wonderful tweets and following on twitter
    3. You have a large well educated face book users of largest divers following, from Nigeria to Kenya to Niger, Cameroon and north Africa up to UK, because the nomadic Hausa tribe spans the whole of the sahara Africa
    4. The network is closed withing tribes and language as divers as Arabic English and French.
    I thing you guys have just been living in a stereotype, you are really free
    Free, I mean free
    Your major challenge is matrimonial decision decision and tribal sentiments. You people still make better couples
    Secondly you still see your success in the shadows of men. And assume a successful woman must be under a man not equal to a man or above a man, as some of your men still can’t let a woman top him when making love.
    This is a phycology you need to collectively correct
    You need to take on your men in debates and discussion.
    You have all limited marriage to tribal loo, and this is why an Hausa man can raise his shoulders because he knows you will not seek a man outside your tribe. So this limitation and boundary is an illogical and a cage of liberty . and they will continue until you free yourselves from this mental slavery of tribal matrimony the men have kept you in

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  2. I don’t know were to begin, but I do know you said a lot, and you made a lot of sense.
    Personally I see that a woman is a peer to his man. The problems faced here is more masculine and a reflection in his feminine.
    When it comes to drugs, we here in the south see it different, far from the religious traits in the north but more of culture. From time immemorial have we know drugs and enhancer with labourers from the north. When you employ them for work, they will ask you to give them five mins and they go an comeback drugged to work

    When you visit the people selling endurance and enlargement drug sellers in the north or around Nigeria, they will tell you the have more patronage from the northern women,
    I grew up knowing that the northern people use, have and sell more unregulated performance enhancers than elsewhere in the country.
    My point is that the problems is more cultural , and a way of life than has to do with religion.

    While the north has drug problems the south has alcohol problems. This was embedded in our life.
    Drug abuse are a problems related to I literacy. And most less educates people get involved more because they live a less purposeful life.
    Most drug consumers are mostly influenced. And this influence is as a result of in adequate understanding of their own personal purpose in life.
    Should you give them a purpose in life , they move away from drugs.
    The men failed the women and that is why they look for excitement out of the home. To solve the problems, address the problems of drug abuse by northern men, the women will automatically

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