LIFE||5 Things That Makes Me Happy.

“The little things bring about the broadest smile”. Rahinat Al-Hassan

What comes to mind when you hear the word “happiness”? is it having a cup of ice cream after the Abuja sun has blessed you, listening to your favorite songs, taking a long walk, finally being able to see the face of your loved one(s)or is it just having a good sleep? whatever it is, happiness is defined differently by individuals.

today, I would be sharing 5 thing out of the thousand of things that makes me feel like I’m walking on the sky. I hope you get inspired to find out what yours are as well. put in mind that happiness doesn’t need to be cut throat therefore, every little thing that makes you elated count.


So here goes…

  1. Music and Singing: I really didn’t take note of this until recently when each time I’m elated I sing my cores out and sort for new music. I just relate to good music. It gives me goose bumps and open my inspirational pores. Need I say that I’m a good singer. Before now, speaking of my love for music used to seem to me as a taboo. Still feel indifferent about my coming out sometimes.IMG-20180708-WA0002
  2. Traveling: I love being in motion. Road trip. even though I get motion sickness, I really love being on the road and seeing how the wonders of God moves with me and switches as we move.IMG-20180708-WA0003
  3. Playing Dress Up: I know how to play dress up and just admire my self, invent cool dress and color combinations that never make it out of my room. if its not already obvious that I love clothes. They just remind me of how innovative I can be and how I am designed beautifully.IMG-20180708-WA0000
  4. Taking Pictures: No matter the mood, a snap always does it for me. Sometimes I really don’t feel in the mood though but photographs makes me happy. Scratch that, the sound of clicks make me happy.IMG-20180709-WA0043
  5. Being Alive: cliche right, I know but you can never over emphasize the chance to breathe amidst all of the chaos surrounding us. sometimes life hits you harder than a blow and I just want to draw the curtains and call it quit but remembering that the sun shines after rain(almost immediately in Abuja), I mean who am I? Being alive makes me happy because i get another chance to right that wrong and do better.IMG-20180709-WA0044
Of course if I begin listing all the things that puts me in a euphoric state, we wont stop reading. so for the sake of today, here is a few to help you realize that the little things bring about the broadest smile.
So tell me, what makes you happy? I’d be waiting in the comment session, so don’t forget to leave me a comment. Until next time, stay happy and make someone smile.
Outfit Details
  • denim jeans and jacket- (gifted)
  • t’s- @indelible (instagram)
  • shade-road side vendor
  • scarf(gifted)
  • flats- mom’s
  • photographer- *winks* *smiles*

2 thoughts on “LIFE||5 Things That Makes Me Happy.

  1. The five things that makes me happy are
    1 Spending time with dogs (either walking them or just having them play with them)

    2 Making people smile

    3. Listening to good music

    4. Drinking garri 😎😎

    5. Long car/train ride

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