Hi everyone!!!! I know… I know… I apologize for being away. Sometimes the urge to do what you love goes on a really long vacation and you cannot do anything but wait for that desire to return and we(I mean my pen and i) are back, all pumped and ready for work.

Clearly it is half way through the year and I thought it right to resume by sharing what I have been up to this few month. Of course I cannot remember everything in detail as I am not a fan of the diary, I’ll try to give the most important information so grab a popcorn because its gonna be a long read and let’s get right into it!!!!


  • Reading: like hello!!! I mean it is just right for me to start here. When the year started, I promised myself to make use of the time of school reading at least a book per month and so far, so good. I must say I am truly impressed because I have been on this journey and it’s been fun. Thanks to an online book club I joined, referred by a friend and colleague, I get new books at my disposal. This month, I am read everything everything by Nicola Yoon. Who else have read it??Great book.  Asides that, I read anything and everything that pops up on my screen. Good habit innit.
  • Meeting New People and Making New Friends: I like to call myself and introverted extrovert because of how I will never trade my serenity for anything but I beg to change that narrative as I have been meeting new people. Although the very beginning was because my job needs me to network to expand my circle, I can now say, that it’s an enjoyable hobby now. The bonus in this is that, you always go home learning something new and of course finding out new things. Going out isn’t that bad after all.
  • Auditioning: I have been going out of my comfort zone lately one of the things I did while I was of the zone was go for a singing audition my friends literally forced me to and I had so much fun even if we were not shortlisted. Now I am thinking of auditioning some more. Who’s with me?


  • Thinking: not just thinking, but deep thoughts. The kind of thought that seem as if your mind left your body for a minute and comes back to you in such a quick rush. What I mean is I get so lost in thought and I love it because I have uninterrupted conversations with myself. It’s weird I know.
  • Growing: when I look at the mirror, I do not believe how much I have grown. Clearly, I don’t mean the physical growth but the mental, academic, spiritual and every other unseen growth. I am commending myself today because I don’t do that so often and you should do so too.
  • Learning: increasing my vocab, learning about the one thousand and one personalities in the world and how to manage them (let’s just leave this matter here) and most especially, learning how to say NO to things that don’t quench the thirsts of my soul. I’m also learning new things about myself: who else thought that was impossible as well? Oh yeah!!!! peace of mind is underrated lately.
  • Volunteering: YUP!!! I have been making myself useful to the cause of humanity. In May, I volunteered to be a facilitator for an initiative known as indelible. They are a gender based initiative that aims to develop the girl child and re-inform them. I spoke on relationships and how we can develop healthy useful and lasting relationships and yes it was refreshing to be a part of something that great. I was also a volunteer at THE CHILDREN THETATRE FESTIVAL courtesy of playback Nigeria and I learnt things I thought I couldn’t seeing kids display their kinds of art.
  • Exhausted from waiting for NYSC to give us heads up: who else is a prospective corp member here? you can tell how I feel.
  • Asking: what is the worst answer you could get? a no right. you wont know till you try after all.
  • Paying more attention to my body
  • Obsessed with drakes scorpion  and jcole’s  KOD album
  • Exercising, drinking more water and minding my business
  • Working on my Procrastination: this table, I hold a very large share and hoping to be out of it soon.
  • In love and staying there: oh!!! what a feeling
  • Bleeding for my country: (ain’t about to dampen the mood by speaking about this).

There you have it guys!!! the little yet not so little things I have been up to. If I didn’t add some things here, its because I am not sure its necessary information to bother you with. Thank you for being awesome and sticking with me and my inconsistent a**. I intend to do better better.

As always, stay out of trouble and take better care of your self this week. ill be back in two days time. (This is a checker).


So tell me; what have you been up to? as always, I’ll be waiting in the comment section.



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