PS: NO PICTURES BECAUSE I MIGHT JUST USE THAT AS AN EXCUSE TO PROCRASTINATE   Hi everyone!!!! I know… I know… I apologize for being away. Sometimes the urge to do what you love goes on a really long vacation and you cannot do anything but wait for that desire to return and we(I […]

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If I could be air, I’ll pass through a heart as heavy  Give it serenity And place some ounce of hope Not minding how much it blows.  If I could be a tree, I will protect you from the harshness  And the heat that comes with it Not minding who needs the sun. If I […]

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My Go-To Blogs. 

Hi guys!!! Trust you have been well? Awesome!!! Who else is already tired of January?😩😩  I have been putting my brain and body to alot of use lately and I tell you it’s been a fantastic experience.  Hoping for January to come to an end so I get to share with you all I have […]

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Life Lately 

Hello guys!!!. How has it been?My goodness it’s been ages here.  Hope you have been doing something productive. If you are here for the very first time, well welcome to the fam!!!!! So today, I will  be feeling you in on what I have been up to lately and what life has been dishing to […]

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