Life Lately 

Hello guys!!!. How has it been?My goodness it’s been ages here.  Hope you have been doing something productive. If you are here for the very first time, well welcome to the fam!!!!! So today, I will  be feeling you in on what I have been up to lately and what life has been dishing to […]

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I fear the lights and how bright it shines I fear its brightness may pay me the wrong price Yet I am more afraid of not having a light  I fear stagnancy  Because of my fear for what is outside Yet I am scared of not having my own path I am scared of change […]


How To Pair Neon Colors.

Sometimes you need a certain level of confidence to try out new things. Especially in this our part of the world. People don’t get it, they don’t even have it and if they smell any insecurity in how you’re pulling it off, they pounce. Yes!!! Even fashion influencers need all the support and confidence they […]

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